Deutsche Benkert and Flexprint, subsidiaries of Delfort Group, join ERA

Delfort, headquartered in Austria and employing over 3,200 individuals across six plants in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Finland, and Vietnam, as well as seven converting facilities in the USA, Mexico, Germany, Bulgaria, Malaysia, and China, stands as a global innovation leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of specialized and functional papers. The family-owned group provides specialized products, exceptional service, and tailored solutions to the tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, and labeling industries. Their product range includes cigarette, plugwrap, and tipping base paper, packaging paper for fast food, thin papers for leaflets, religious literature, catalog printing, and publications, label base paper, graphic papers, papers for electrical applications, and printed products.

Deutsche Benkert, located in Germany, is a printer of specialty papers renowned for equipping the tobacco industry with contemporary and advanced printing, perforation, and design capabilities. The facility boasts multi-color gravure printing machines, laser and electrostatic perforation machines, and a variety of cutting machines, consistently delivering innovative market solutions.

Flexprint, situated in Bulgaria and established in 2009, offers industrial solutions for the tobacco and packaging sectors. Its current manufacturing technologies encompass rotogravure and flexo printing, hot foil stamping, lamination, slitting, perforation, and sleeving.

Delfort Group