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With its Digital Library, ERA provides a convenient platform for accessing both current and past issues of their “Gravure News” magazine. Additionally, members have the opportunity to borrow gravure books upon request and are invited to visit the ERA office, where they can leisurely explore the extensive library while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Gravure News

 IssueCover Story 
189Special Drupa EditionOpen Magazine
188GravureForward – Navigating the Future of the Gravure IndustryOpen Magazine
187Gravure – the sustainable processOpen Magazine
186Gravure sets course in ThessalonikiOpen Magazine
185Tailor-made gravure presses from FranceOpen Magazine
184Gravure of the FutureOpen Magazine
183Gravure Market PakistanOpen Magazine
182Comexi’s new focus on gravureOpen Magazine
181Uteco’s comeback in gravureOpen Magazine
180ADAC Motorwelt – gravure printed club magazineOpen Magazine
179ERA and Members at DrupaOpen Magazine
178ERA Conferences in Salzburg and DresdenOpen Magazine
177International Gravure Seminar in IranOpen Magazine
176From Gutenberg to digitalOpen Magazine
175New Gravure Press at Stuttgart UniversityOpen Magazine


2024 Packaging TrendsEsko2024 Download Book
Advances in Printing Science and Technology – Volume 2W.H. Banks1961 Request Book
Advances in Printing Science and Technology Volume 16-27W.H. Banks,
J. Anthony Bristow
1981-2000 Request Book
Advances in Color ReproductionVarious2001 Request Book
Die Frühgeschichte des Tiefdruckes bis zur JahrhundertwendeOtto M. Lilien Request Book
Die Geschichte des Tiefdruckes von 1900-1920Otto M. Lilien Request Book
Die Geschichte des industriellen Tiefdruckes 1920-1970Otto M. Lilien Request Book
Drucken und Veredeln im Bogentiefdruck – Verpackungs- und Etikettendruck mit Verfahrenskombination 4Johannes Kokot
Dieter Kleeberg
2013 Request Book
Druckformherstellung und Tiefdruckprozesse – Verfahrensspezifische Stärken im Verpackungstiefdruck 6Johannes Kokot2016 Request Book
Electronic Color SeparationDr. R. K. Molla1988 Request Book
Elsevier’s dictionary of the printing and allied industriesF.J.M. Wijnekus, E.F.P.H. Wijnekus1983 Request Book
Geschichte der Druckverfahren I – Prägedruck und SiebdruckC.W. Gerhardt1974 Request Book
Geschichte der Druckverfahren II – Der BuchdruckC.W. Gerhardt1975 Request Book
Geschichte der Druckverfahren III – Tiefdruck und kleinere DruckverfahrenC.W. Gerhardt
Otto M. Lilien
1978 Request Book
Geschichte der Druckverfahren IV – Stein- und OffsetdruckH.-J. Imiela
C. W. Gerhardt
1993 Request Book
Geschichte der graphischen VerfahrenHans-Jürgen Wolf1990 Request Book
Gravure COMPACTJürgen Heuer2023 Purchase Book
Gravure – Process and TechnologyE. Kendall Gillet1991 Request Book
Gravure – Technical GuideWarren R. Daum1975 Request Book
Gravure vs. Web-offsetAnders Bjurstedt2007 Request Book
Lexikon für die graphische IndustrieErnst Born1958 Request Book
Multilingual Dictionary of Printing and Publishing TermsJohn Peacock1991 Request Book
Occupational NeurotoxicologyEdited by: Lucio G. Costa, Luigi Manzo1998 Request Book
Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics2018 Download Book
Organic Indoor Air PollutantsEdited by: Tunga Salthammer1999 Request Book
Polygraph DictionaryMichael Nitsche1977 Request Book
Printing and Finishing in Sheet-fed Gravure (x16)Johannes Kokot
Dieter Kleeberg
Request Book
Printing Forme Production and Gravure Processes (x5)Johannes Kokot Request Book
Printing Theory and Practice – PhotogravureFranklin Wood1949 Request Book
The European Publication Printing IndustryAnders Bjurstedt2005 Request Book
The way of the Sun (x9)Peter Greenhill,
Brian Reynolds
2010 Request Book
Tiefdruck – Grundlagen und Verfahrensschritte der modernen TiefdrucktechnikBernd Ollech1999 Request Book
Tiefdruck KOMPAKTJürgen Heuer2021 Purchase Book
Colour – Its Principle and their ApplicationsFrederick W. Clulow1972 Request Book
Design and development of a set of colour image systems for graphic arts productionCaj Södergård1974 Request Book
Printing and the Environment (x2)Walter Fleck,
Dr. John Arnold
Paul W. Verspoor MBA
1999 Request Book