Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets in the east area

Gravure market Pakistan

Since 9/11 the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was associated with islamist terrorism and regarded as a failed state. However this does not reflect the reality at all, as the country has made significant political and economic progress during the last years. Pakistan is a large country with over 200 million inhabitants of which 50 % are aged 25 and younger. It has a large market with a growing and spending middle class and offers great opportunities, which is particularly true for the gravure industry. The country is traditionally a gravure oriented market.

Over 90 % of the flexible packaging material is printed in gravure, and the demand for modern film based packaging material to properly pack e.g. food stuff and detergents is rapidly growing. All large brand owners such as Nestlé, Unilever, P&G are in Pakistan and sourcing their packaging material at local printers. Some hundred packaging gravure printers are operating in Pakistan, most of them are small “garage firms”, nevertheless there are also some large printers equipped with modern gravure technology. Just recently Kompass Pakistan, located in Karachi and operating flexo and gravure presses from Windmöller & Hölscher, joined the European Rotogravure Association (ERA) as the first member from Pakistan. ERA will support the further development of the gravure industry in Pakistan. And since the election of the former cricket player and world champion Imran Khan as new PM of Pakistan the people are full of hope that this positive trend will go on.

The Zamzama cannon, made during the Mogul empire, is one of the landmarks in the old Mogul residence of Lahore