Prinovis Nuremberg to be shut down

To increase efficiency of their printing operations Bertelsmann Printing Group (BPG) has informed about its plan to shut Prinovis Nuremberg in early 2021. This would reduce overcapacities in publication gravure significantly. Prinovis Nuremberg is still one of the largest publication gravure plants worldwide and operates among their fleet of wide presses also two 4,32m presses. Dirk Kemmerer has been appointed as new CEO of Bertelsmann Printing Group replacing Axel Hentrei who has retired. Astrid Meicherczyk, who was in charge of Prinovis Germany, has also left Bertelsmann Printing Group. Prinovis’ German operations will now be in the responsibility of Niklas Darijtschuk who has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Bertelsmann Printing Group.