EU Commission has not yet decided on Chromium Trioxide Authorisation

The EU REACH Committee has again discussed the CTAC Submission to authorise the further use of chromium trioxide in its recent video conference on 13 May. However, a decision upon the CTAC Submission has not been taken yet. The EU Commission, which has to finally approve the decision of the REACH Committee, has asked for a further postponement instead, as it expects another initiative from the European Parliament to pass a motion against the CTAC Submission. It is now unclear when the EU REACH Committee will finally decide upon the CTAC Submission. To lobby a positive decision ERA addressed the German ministries of economy and environment as well as the EU Commission (DG Environment and DG Industry). Also ERA members have contacted their national governments. As long as no final decision has been taken our industry is of course entitled to further use chromium trioxide.

The letter to the EU Commission (DG Environment) is attached.

Letter to EU Commission