What to do to obtain the individual authorisation?

Chromium Trioxide Authorisation Webinar

Since the CTAC submission has been approved by the EU REACH Committe on recent 22 October, the final decision by the EU Commission is expected by end of this month. Provided that the EU Commission will confirm the positive decision of the REACH Committee, the use of chromium trioxide for cylinder plating will be granted for our industry until 21 September 2024.

To inform about the formal procedure and practical steps to be taken by the individual user to obtain the authorisation, ERA organizes a webinar. (If the EU Commission will not take the final decision by end of November the webinar will be postponed.)

As dates are foreseen:

Tuesday 8 December 2020, 10am-13am
Thursday 10 December 2020, 10am-13am

Both sessions are identical, each is limited to 50 attendees.


Welcome & Introduction

The authorisation process under REACH / CTAC submission
Ramboll Environment & Health GmbH

How to register your company with REACH-IT
Dr. Julian Rotter, K. Walter GmbH

How to do exposure assessments – good practice for rotogravure
Müller BBM or DKRA & Dr. Julian Rotter, K. Walter GmbH

Beyond CTAC- The ChromeXtend authorization application
Dr. Julian Rotter, K. Walter GmbH

Open discussion

The participation at the webinar will be by using MS Teams and is free of charge.

Please register directly with stefanidhami@era-eu.org