European Parliament decides upon motion to reject chromium trioxide authorisation

Since the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament has adopted a motion demanding from the EU Commission to reject the chromium trioxide authorisation for certain uses in its session on 8 June, the European Parliament now will decide upon this motion submitted by the Environmental Committee. The motion is clearly targeted against the CTAC Submission as it includes numerous references to this submission which covers also the gravure industry. As the decision by the European Parliament will be decisive whether the EU Commission will continue with the authorisation of the CTAC Submission, ERA has addressed all 705 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) stressing the importance of the authorisation for the gravure industry as well as the industrial sector in Europe as a whole. The European Parliament will vote in their plenary session on 8-9 July.

See the letter by ERA to all 705 MEPs

Letter to MEPs