Chromium(VI) authorization application for the gravure and embossing industry

ChromeXtend: Chromium(VI) authorization application

ChromeXtend is an initiative launched by K.Walter to secure an authorization from the European Commission for the use of chromium(VI) beyond 2024. The project is tailored to the specific requirements of the gravure and embossing industry. The target is to ensure a continued long-term use of chromium(VI) by the gravure industry in line with the highest possible safety standards.

For the time being, chromium(VI)-based electrolysis is the only process of chrome plating for engraved gravure and embossing cylinders as long as there is no field-tested alternative available. In chrome plating the gravure industry fulfils very high safety standards compared with other industrial sectors and would derive no benefit from authorizations in other sectors. Gravure’s share in industrial chromium(VI) consumption is very low: only one percent of all industrial chromium(VI) applications is for gravure printing.

On behalf of the gravure industry, K.Walter has therefore launched the ChromeXtend initiative in order to apply for a long-term authorization of chromium(VI) beyond 2024, when the current ongoing application headed by Lanxess Germany will expire. Thereby it should be ensured that the companies would not take any financial risk if they continue with gravure printing and the further use of chromium(VI) at the end of the current authorization phase. ERA will support K.Walter to successfully launch their application.

To ensure that this application will be approved by the EU Commission full cooperation and active assistance by the entire gravure and embossing sector is needed. All companies using chrome plating during the authorization process will be contacted soon to supply with necessary information.

The companies will be contacted directly by K.Walter as well as through the ERA.

To start with the preparation of the application ERA in cooperation with K.Walter will call in the gravure industry for a meeting in January 2020.

To be updated on the status of the application process see helioscope newsletter and For any specific questions in this matter, K. Walter can be contacted directly under For any information on chromium(VI) see the factsheet “Everything you need to know about chromium”, which can be downloaded below or from K.Walter’s website.

Factsheet (PDF)