ChromeXtend survey completed

The ChromeXtend authorisation initiative launched by K.Walter for the use of chromium trioxide in the gravure printing and embossing industry continues. ChromeXtend is a submission initiative to obtain the chromium trioxide authorisation beyond 2024 when the CTAC authorisation, which covers the gravure industry and upon which the EU Commission is currently deciding, will expire.

To prepare the ChromeXtend submission K. Walter has carried out a survey among the European based cylinder manufacturers. Data were received from some 80 % of the contacted companies and will now be evaluated anonymously for the registration dossier. The data provides a comprehensive evidence of the high safety standards in cylinder production, and demonstrates the negative economic consequences of a potential ban.

The ChromeXtend submission is planned for the end of 2020 which would guarantee an authorisation before the expiration of the CTAC application by September 2024.