Gruppo Cerutti established as new company

On August 31 the Court of Vercelli has authorized the establishment of Gruppo Cerutti S.r.l., which has taken over the assets and activities of former OMG Cerutti S.p.A. and Cerutti Packaging Equipment S.p.A.. Both companies are under liquidation. The new company will operate in the Casale Monferrato plant with 134 employees. It will make use of the assets and know-how including drawings, patents, technologies of OMG Cerutti S.p.A. in c.p. to serve packaging, converting, security, commercial and newspaper printing markets. The adequately financed company will be established in the week commencing September 7th. As soon as all formalities are completed, the company will promptly resume the production, the delivery of the orders in its backlog and the acquisition of new ones. The new company Gruppo Cerutti S.p.A. represents a fundamental turning point that allows to continue the core business of the former companies. Gruppo Cerutti will be a reliable, long-term partner, to be supported by the people that have contributed to build the brand history and by the technology acquired and developed in more than 70 years of activity in these fields.