ERA’s Annual Conference & Management Meeting took place in Hamburg on 5-6 October 2020 in the Hotel “Grand Elysée”

ERA Annual Conference 2020

Gravure in times of Corona

ERA’s  Annual Conference & Management Meeting took place in Hamburg on 5-6 October 2020 in the Hotel “Grand Elysée”. A visit to Prinovis’ publication gravure plant in Ahrensburg in the afternoon of 5 October rounded off the programme of the event. Despite meeting and travel restrictions due to the ongoing corona pandemic ERA’s Annual Conference was attended by some 50 delegates from the European gravure industry. During the conference they discussed presentations by experts from the industry and by external experts on publishing, technical and socio-economic subjects concerning the gravure industry. The lively discussions among the delegates have shown that the personal meeting and exchange of information and experiences cannot be replaced by virtual meetings. ERA’s next years’ Annual Conference will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece in early November 2021.


Ms Sandra Grundner & Ms Tanja Pfisterer-Lang
rtv media group / rtv media solutions , Germany
A portfolio of customized products for targeted mass audiences

Dr Julian Rotter
Kaspar Walter, Germany
“ChromeXtend – Authorisation of Chromium Trioxide”

Prof Dr Erdal Yalcin – Presentation available on request
University of Applied Sciences Constance, Germany
“Europe´s economic perspectives after Corona”

Dr Rainer Stinner – No presentation available
Former member of the German parliament, Germany
“China – a rising political and economic super power” 

Mr Ingo Raab
Burda, Germany
“The new ADAC Motorwelt” 

Dr Carol Werlé
Dalim Software, Germany
“Gravure, flyers and personalised mail common denominator: Meet the first API-first digital front end”

Dr Kai Baer
Adphos, Germany
“CO2 tax – how it effects gravure printing” 

Ms Gabriele Kirchmeier
GK Printberatung, Germany
“Strength and ecological aspects of gravure printing”

Mr Jonathan Giubilato
Bobst, Italy
BOBST OneECG in Gravure printing: increasing the press productivity for short and medium runs”

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