16–17 September 2019 in Munich, Germany

ERA Annual Conference 2019

“Gravure Of The Future” was presented to the industry

This years’ ERA Annual Conference was held on 16-17 September in Munich to present “Gravure Of The Future”. The representatives from publication, packaging and decorative gravure printers as well as the supply industry discussed the ongoing authorization process for chromium trioxide, and they were shown advances in engraving and plating technology to strengthen the efficiency and further optimize the gravure process. And to secure the healthy continuity of gravure beyond the expiration of the authorization in 2024, the industry will submit their own application under the leadership of Kaspar Walter.


Mr Ruud van den Berg
UPM, Germany
“UPM – a company and business in transformation”

Dr Winfried Schoen
Sun Chemical, Germany
“Development and trends in the market for publication and packaging inks”

Ms Laetitia Reynaud
Intergraf, Belgium
“The European graphic industry: regulatory initiatives and industry trends”

Dr Benedikt Fischer
Ramboll Environment & Health, Germany
“Authorisation according to REACH – Lanxess submission for authorisation of Chromium Trioxide” 

Mr Max Rid
Heliograph Holding, Germany
“Gravure of the Future – comprehensive strategy of Heliograph Holding” 

Mr Jan Breiholdt
Hell Gravure, Germany
“HD Gravure – The new quality standard for today’s packaging gravure”

Mr Christoph Gschossmann
Kaspar Walter, Germany
“Heliogreen Process – new surfaces for gravure cylinders” 

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