25–26 April in Lahore, Pakistan · ERA’s first gravure symposium in Pakistan · Presentations, press release and photo gallery now available

Pakistan Gravure Symposium 2019

ERA’s first gravure symposium in Pakistan

For the first time ERA organised a gravure symposium in Pakistan which took place on 25 April in Lahore, historical Moghul residence and currently capital of Punjab state. The south Asian country has almost 220 million inhabitants of which 50 % are aged 25 and younger. It offers a growing market and great opportunities for gravure, which has a share of over 80 % in the market for flexible packaging printing. All major Pakistan packaging printers attended the event to listen to presentations by machinery and equipment suppliers on the technological development of the gravure process. On the following day the delegation from Europe headed by ERA Secretary General James Siever was invited to a plant tour by the packaging printer Kasmy Pack. They operate a brand new 8 colour Cerutti press to print modern film packaging for the food, biscuits and dairy industry. It was followed by a visit to Kasmy Pack’s customer Dalda Foods, major producer of cooking oil and biscuits. In their plant a production line for potato chips was demonstrated: the line started with the peeling and slicing of potatoes, and finished with the packing of the chips in gravure printed film pouches ready to sell to the final consumer. ERA and the Pakistan gravure printers were very satisfied with the outcome of the event which should be the beginning of a closer co-operation to support the further progress of gravure in Pakistan.


Press Release

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