Gravure Industry met in Kiel, Germany

ERA Packaging & Decorative Conference 2019

Conference focused on current challenges and future opportunities

This year’s ERA Packaging and Decorative Gravure Conference took place in the North Germany city of Kiel on 6-7 November. The event was organised in co-operation with ERA member Hell Gravure Systems which is located in Kiel and hosted a visit to their plant on the second day of the conference. Major focus of the conference was the ongoing authorization process for chromium trioxide and the industry’s strategy to secure the future of gravure beyond 2024 when the authorization currently decided upon by the EU will expire. In this respect advances in engraving and plating technology were presented. Other themes to be discussed were current challenges for gravure, as well as possibilities of retrofiting and hybrid printing in gravure. Apart from these technical subjects Dr Wilfried Rickels of Kiel Institute for the World Economy commented on the climate discussion and its consequences for the industry, and the indologist Dr Renate Syed of Munich university gave a fascinating insight about India which is a fast growing market with almost 1,3 billion people offering great opportunities for gravure.

Conference Presentations

Dr Wilfried Rickels
Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany
“Climate change in discussion – climate policies and how they would affect the industry”

Mr Felipe Balestero de Assis
Ramboll Environment & Health, Germany
“Authorisation according to REACH – Lanxess submission for authorisation of Chromium Trioxide”

Mr Max Rid
Heliograph Holding, Germany
“Gravure of the Future – comprehensive strategy of Heliograph Holding”

Mr Jan Breiholdt
Hell Gravure, Germany
“HD Gravure – The new quality standard for today’s packaging gravure”

Mr Christoph Gschossmann
Kaspar Walter, Germany
“Heliogreen Process – new surfaces for gravure cylinders”

Dr Renate Syed
University of Munich, Germany
“India from Nehru to Modi and its role as leading nation in Asia” 

Mr Philippe Baichette
Hannecard, Belgium
“Get the best from your sleeves and pressure roller for gravure printing” 

Mr Clemens Brinkmann
Windmöller & Hölscher, Germany
“Seven colour extended gamut in gravure”

Ms Gabriele Kirchmeier
gk-printberatung, Germany
“Gravure printing without print proof

Mr Guido Lebbing
Lebbing engineering & Consulting, Germany
“Retrofit // Digitization”

Mr Rob Schellekens
DG press Services, Netherlands
Web offset and gravure in Decorative and Packaging printing”

Mr Mikhail Zverev
König & Bauer, Germany
“Digital printing technology in packaging and decorative printing”


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