The conference will take place on 21-23 September in Baveno, Italy

ERA Annual & Packaging/Decorative Conference 2022

Gravure – the Sustainable Process

This year’s ERA Annual Conference and the Packaging & Decorative Conference will take place in Baveno, Italy on 21-23 September in the “Grand Hotel Dino”.  The event will be in conjunction with the Management Meeting & General Assembly in the afternoon of 21 September, followed by an informal Get-Together. The conference will be held on 22 September all day. On 23 September participants have the opportunity to visit the plant of Bobst Italia in San Giorgio Monferrato.

Registration Fee
For ERA members EUR 659,00 per person / for non-members EUR 959,00 per person. Overnight costs are not included.


Prof Lutz Engisch
University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, Germany
“Ecological impact/sustainability of the gravure process – study by the Universities of Leipzig and Stuttgart”

Mr Lutz Rafflenbeul
Rafflenbeul Anlagenbau, Germany
“Sustainability/energy balance of waterbased inks vs. solvent based inks”

Mr Fabrizio Imarisio
“DECarbonization and Sustainability – Reducing of VOC emissions by Solvent Recovery”

Ms Gabriele Kirchmeier
KG Printberatung, Germany
“Future alternative cylinder solutions for gravure printing”

Mr Allan Bendall
Saueressig, Germany
“cLynxcylinder: the digital transformation of print tool inspection”

Mr Juergen Seitz
GMG, Germany
“…far more than getting colors right – ColorManagement technologies for cost savings and increased efficiency”

Mr Christoph Gschossmann
Kaspar Walter, Germany
“Future use of chromium trioxide – status of ChromeXtend authorization and status of HelioChrome Neo alternative”

Mr Clemens Brinkmann
Windmoeller & Hoelscher, Germany
“Monofoils instead of composites – printing of sustainable flexible packaging material in gravure”

Mr Kaku Kohli
Kohli Industries, India
“Gravure in India”

Mr Simon Sonn
4Packaging, South Africa
“Gravure in Africa/South Africa – an overview”

Mr Christoph von Marschall
Der Tagesspiegel, Germany
“Russia’s war against Ukraine: its geopolitical consequences and the impact on Europe’s cohesion”

Mr Robert Bierfreund & Mr Herbert Kindermann
Interprint, Germany / Herbert Kindermann Consulting, Germany
“Introduction Digital Printing Association / DIPA Academy”

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